4PV 2.4G inc R314SB Receiver x2 (No Battery) (FUT4PVR314SB)


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4PV 2.4G inc R314SB Receiver x2 (No Battery)

Mid-High End 4ch High Response Model. Controlable and Functionable, Vertical Black Light LCD, New Multi Function Switch and this game changing lay out design is the feature of 4PV. Telemetry system is also included. Receiver Battery voltage as well as using optional sensor you can read your power source information (motor / engine temp, RPM, Voltage etc) at a glance in real time.


  • 2.4Ghz Telemetry System (T-FHSS)
  • R314SB Telemetry Receiver (T-FHSS)
  • Telemetry Reading Function (via Earphone)
  • S.BUS2 System
  • Receiver Voltage Display
  • Outside Voltage Display (with optional Sensor)
  • Temperature Display (with optional Sensor)
  • RPM Display (with optional Sensor)
  • Steering Gyro Sensitivity adjustable
  • Graphic LCD Pannel
  • LCD Back light
  • LED Monitor
  • Ackerman adjustable steering mixing
  • F & R Seperate blake mixing (Delay / ABS System inc)
  • 4WS Mixing
  • Dual ESC Mixing
  • Neutral Brake System
  • Trigger Position Adjustable System (7mm)
  • 40 Model Memory
  • Model Name
  • MC Link System (MC960CR/940CR/MC950CR/MC851C/MC850C/MC602C?MC601C/MC402CR/MC401CR)
  • ABS
  • Idle Up
  • Throttle Speed
  • Throttle Cut
  • Throttle Acceleration
  • Throttle EXP
  • Throttle ATL
  • Mechnical ATL
  • Servo Neutral Position (5:5/7:3)
  • Steering EXP
  • Steering Speed
  • D/R
  • EPA System (All the channel)
  • Sub-Trim (All the channel)
  • Program Mix
  • Function Select Dial / Switch
  • Digital Trim
  • F/S (All the channel)
  • B-F/S (2ch)
  • Timer (Up / Down / Lap : Max 100 laps memory)


  • Futaba 4PV 2.4G 4 Channel T-FHSS Radio System Transmiter (1 pc)
  • R314SB (2 pcs)
  • Manual
  • Battery Box