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GPM-R2405 Accu throw deflection gauge (AKA GPMR2405)

Accu throw deflection gauge

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An easy, inexpensive way to maximize flight performance Many aeromodelers, especially beginners, may not realize the importance of having the throws of their ailerons, elevator and rudder properly adjusted until it`s too late when the plane is in the air. At that point, the risk of a costly crash due to lack of control or too much control is greatly increased. The AccuThrow is the efficient, innovative solution. In just minutes, it accurately measures all control throws, ensuring that the plane`s performance will be much more predictable. It works with any model, from trainers to jets, and can even be used for setting up dual rates. This is the accessory that EVERY flier needs! Plotting the movement of any type of control surface is as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Attach the AccuThrow by spreading the wire rods so that the rubber feet slip past the control surface and onto the main structure. 2. Once the AccuThrow is in place, align the edge of the control surface with the ruler`s "0" mark, making sure the control surface does not touch the ruler. 3. Move the transmitter to fully deflect the control surface. The curved ruler makes it easy to read the precise distance of control movement, and adjust according to the airplane manual`s specifications. The AccuThrow`s rubber feet allow it to get a secure grip without harming the plane`s finish The durable plastic ruler features both standard and metric scales, in a range of +/- 2" and +/- 50 mm, and is shaped to match the arc of control motion for more precise readings.