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Remote Control Batteries, Chargers and Accessories

Perth RC Hobby store is  Australia's  leading supplier of Remote Control Batteries with a commitment to quality we stand by.  We supply for professional hobbyists and beginners alike. RC Batteries have  a life of one to three years so it is important to make sure you have regular checks on your batteries.  We make this possible with our range of accessories to suit your needs.  Dont under estimate the importance of the battery to your remote control vehicle, if you are unsure please contact us for the best solution to your RC car, boat, drone, aeroplane or any remote control battery.
We stock all modern RC batteries to suit; rechargeable, to Nicad, LiPo, NiMh, LiFe, DryCell, ,specialty, sealed, charger combos, and all accessories needed to produce the power your RC needs.
" All batteries can be shipped anywhere in Australia"
Please take care in recycling your old batteries as some can be recycled but others can be  harmful to the environment .  Please feel free to contact us for some advice on disposal.