Capri Sportsboat 700mm Long

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These Boats look really nice when built, the woodwork in them is amazing. They look the part sitting on the mantle piece or running in the water. Lots of fun to build and drive!

The Capri is a semi-scale model boat exploiting our proven hard-chine hull design. The shape of the hull is borrowed from our Victoria, which guarantees excellent handling on the water, including high-speed turning ability. The boat is assembled in a Depron jig from birch and mahogany plywood. The wooden parts are all laser-cut, and are reinforced with spruce strips. The model can be built very quickly since the parts are such a precise fit.

The cockpit is a self-contained shell which can be removed from the boat in one piece to provide access to the interior of the hull.

The model kit contains all the wooden parts required to build the boat, metal fittings, propeller shaft, rudder and shaft coupling.



Length 700mm
Width 203mm
Weight 1.500g
Suitbale power system: for 7 cellsNiMH or 2-3s Lipo
Motor Race 650 Order No. 7124/18
Controler Multi 25 Order No. 7019/71
2-blade propeller 35mm/M4 Order No. 7165/61