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E1100-V3 Octo(5DMkII/III)inc Parachute BNF INCCASE

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E1100-V3 Octo(5DMkII/III)inc Parachute BNF INCCASE


Professional aerial photography system customized for photography users.

The 3rd generation of upgrading style of the most safe and most stable flight gimbal E1100,

Dual redundancy safe flight control system+ safety parachute,

Extremely safe, continue classic again.


Integrated GEMINI redundancy flight control system

V8 8rotary wing aircraft,motor shutdown protection function

Equip Zero UAV safety parachute active safety equipment,

Assembly Z2000/Z1400 lens changeable 3-axis aerial photography gimbal,

Random switching of various flight modes

Tool-free folding arm,electric controlling landing gear

360 degree all-dimensional barrier-free photography

Aerial rocker function

Pick and Place design of barrier-free memory card

One-key 360°panorama shooting function


1.  Integrating GEMINI double redundancy safe flight control system.

Integrating latest  GEMINI double  redundancy safe flight control system, providing extremely safety guarantee for professional aerial photography, its super strong safety function covers all single control structure.

2.   It is equipped with Zero UAV safety parachute active safety device

Zero UAV safety parachute system provides more active safety guarantee, it can automatically open umbrella to realize full automatic landing under accidental situation, reducing equipment loss and injury on 3rd party member.

3.  It is equipped with Z2000/Z1400 3-axis brushless gimbal that can change lens.

It carries the only 5D level /GH4 level 3-axis brushless gimbal Z2000/Z1400 that can change lens, give users more shot selection,  it is easy for user to select more proper professional lens according to different shooting requirements, provide guarantee for users realizing more high quality professional works.

4.  V8 8-rotary wing aircraft, motor shutdown protection function.

Adopt V8 type 8-rotary wing  frame and high  redundancy power system, after one motor stop rotating, the adjacent motor can provide enough safe rising power under the accompany of fight control, ensuring the safety of aerial photography task.

5.  Random switching in many flight modes

The flight modes can be switched randomly, and then users can switch from time to time according to actual aerial photography. Always use most convenient mode to complete aerial photography task.

6. Aerial rocker

Aerial rocker function customized for professional users is qualified for aerial photography with repeated flight route, satisfying the rigid requirement of professional customer on high quality aerial photography shots.

7.  Tool-free folding arm, electric controlling landing gear,

Totally new tool-free folding arm design shorten the flight Preparation time to 5minutes, reliable electric controlling landing gear can satisfy professional 360° barrier-free  photography requirement.

8. 360 degree all-dimensional barrier-free photography

The unique automatic landing gear avoidance technology  of Zero UAV makes aerial photography  return to its origin, take lens as the centre, the direction of aircraft rotates along with the change of gimbal direction, wrong shot cannot avoided even do not withdraw landing gear.

9. Pick & Place design of accessible memory card

Humanized gimbal structure design makes users to realize pick-and-place operation of storage card and battery while do not take off camera, make hard things simple and improve the working efficiency.

10. One key 360°panorama shooting function

The gimbal control system integrates One-key aerial panorama function, it facilitates users to use UAV to realize aerial panorama photography task, and humanized function design can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of panorama photography.