Whether for fun or a professional Drone Pilot we have the right product to suit you at Perth RC.  With a large boom in demand for drones, Perth RC has secured some of the best brands in Multi-Rotors / Drones business with a large list of suppliers that include;

ZERO UAV, XAircraft, Blade, AR Drone Parrot, Ares, Immersion RC, DJI Innovations, DUALSKY, Twister, Curtis Youngblood, Dromida, Yuneec, Nine Eagles, UDI RC, Traxxas.

We also supply other commercial grade RC Drones to suit; Real estate videos, Low Level Banner Advertising, Aerial Surveying to even wedding videos and so much more.

We cover a large price range from under $100 to $10,000.  If we don't have an item in stock, please either order online or call in store to secure your item and arrange an estimated time of delivery.

Perth RC will be at the front line of RC Drones in Perth and Australia to ensure our customers have the best available products with the best quality replacement parts and accessories.