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GPM-R6184 Sandpaper 180 grit (AKA GPMR6184)

Sandpaper 180 grit

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Use Great Planes sandpaper for the ultimate in ease and performance! While the Easy-Touch Bar Sanders and the Easy-Touch Contour Multi-Sander accept any type of sandpaper, Great Planes` special sized 12 foot rolls of sandpaper work best. Sized to fit Easy-Touch Bar Sanders perfectlyâ??simply trim off the length needed Adhesive backing makes it a cinch to applyâ??just press it on; no tools or other bonding agents are required Available in 4 different types: 80-grit (GPMR6180), 150-grit (GPMR6183), 180-grit (GPMR6184) and 220-grit (GPMR6185)â??to allow for just the right grit for any sanding job