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ZERO UAV HighOne Quad (GH3/GH4) No Parachute

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With the characteristics of smartness and agility, simplicity and portability, safety and profession, RTF Quad copter “HighOne” is particularly developed for some special flying conditions such as close to objects, in narrow areas or enclosed spaces (stadium, indoors). Integrated with Gemini dual-redundancy autopilot, brushless gimbal Z1400 for GH3 camera and the foldable Quad copter, RTF Quad “HighOne” has great practicality value and could be widely used for the TV series, commercial promotions and all kinds of professional aerial photography.

HighOne is with foldable design; frame arm can be folded down, which minimize the transportation volume, easy to carry

It adopts high-end flight control system of GEMINI, combines powerful ground control station monitoring system which monitor the working situations of two independent sensors, whenever anyone sensor occurs error or out-of control, it shall automatically switch the control to the other one slave controller perfectly and remind you by alert (Phone will vibrate to remind you if GPS meets interference or power is insufficient), which decrease the failure rate to be none.

Combining with Z1400 high-end brushless gimbal which is heavily released by ZERO TECH, HighOne realized none-jitter& none-drifting, which makes the 3-axis shooting movement super gently, and makes the functionality of the whole system achieve TOP level in the industry.


It supports Panasonic GH3 and GH4 cameras and multiple lens of Lumix G 14mm f/2.5,LUMIX G 20mm/F1.7, Panasonic LEICA 25/1.4, etc. types, to meet more professional requirements of aerial photography applications.

To ensure more safe flight, in GPS mode, with GCS and RC Transmitter captured the corresponding on/off position of safety parachute, if the controller attitude angle achieves 70-90degree, the system shall automatically open the safety parachute, meanwhile stop the motors to protect your aircraft. In manual mode, you can also manually control to open the safety parachute through RC Transmitter.

To achieve a better photography effect, during the flight, once you enabled the automatic dodging landing gear function by a switch, the head of aircraft will automatically follow the same precise direction with camera, thus the landing gear will never be seen in your shot, meanwhile pre-set flying route will keep same still and move forward as pre-set flying direction, which achieves 360° panoramic shooting, humanized design is much closer to the needs of users.

It can be controlled by two operators or single operator, original innovation of making aircraft and gimbal to follow the camera as central point, which makes you directly control the gimbal and concentrated to get a scene, the aircraft is only a gimbal carrier and follower in this condition

One press on transmitter to get panoramic image automatically taken by camera. With this function, 4 layers, total of 37 high-definition photos may be obtained in one minute and provided to make a 360° panorama.

The ground station software for smartphone, compatible with YS flight control systems, is a portable mobile control platform. With the user-friendly interface design and the real-time flight attitude feedback, it allows customers to access flight status immediately. It supports waypoints function and click& go on touch screen, a new flight control experience at your fingertips. You can pre-set and edit flight routes according to real-time flight requirements. It provides editable flight route which makes the waypoints setting easier and more precise. One key take off & landing, editable automatic go home, click and go, target lock supported.


Diagonal Wheelbase       720mm

Centre Frame Diameter                23cm

Weight 2420g

Max Take-off Weight     6.8Kg

Motor Type/KV                6210/380KV

Drive PWM Frequency  400Hz

Propeller Size/Material 1855/Carbon Fibre



Gimbal Type       Z1400(GH3/GH4)

Camera Supported          Panasonic GH3/GH4

Lens Supported                Lumix G 14mm f/2.5

Lumix G 20mm/F1.7

Panasonic LEICA 25/1.4


DIGITAL ED12mm f/2.0

Gimbal Features               360 degree panoramic shooting; auto dodging landing gear; multiple lenses supported; directly insert and get the SD card; Dual Operation and Single operation supported


Control Requirements

Tx Supported (FC)           PCM or 2.4GHz,7 channels at leas(Notice: all channel's F/S supported)

Receiver Supported(FC))   S-Bus & Common receiver

Tx Supported (Gimbal)  PCM or 2.4GHz,7 channels at leas(Notice: all channels’ F/S supported)

Receiver Supported(Gimbal)               S-Bus & Common receiver


Flying Parameters

Hovering Accuracy (in GPS mode)            Vertical direction: ± 0.5m ,Horizontal: ± 1.5m

Hovering Time   16min(@16000mAh & take-off weight 6.8Kg)

Flying safety function     Manual deployment parachute; Automatic deployment parachute in emergency; Gemini dual redundancy autopilot; Fail/Safe



General Size       450mm(L)×410mm(W)×610mm(H)

Metal Case Size                430mm(L)×390mm(W)×590mm(H)

The Aircraft to rapid transport volume(ps:After dismantling the parachute, folding machine arm)                650mm(L)×650mm(W)×500mm(H)