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1318/00 Aero-Master


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Aero-Master Order no. 1318/00 Aero-Master is a development of the legendary and highly successful Aerofly, dating from the pioneer period of electric flight. The new kit features a taller GRP fuselage which can now accommodate a much wider range of power systems, as there is clearance for up to 250 mm � propellers (10 inches). The wings are of built-up construction, fully sheeted in balsa, and the basic wing panels are supplied factory-assembled, ready for covering or painting. The MH 32 wing section (mod.) also confers a broader speed range on the new model. The kit contains: comprehensive building instructions including general arrangement plan, GRP fuselage, ready-made wing panels, all wooden parts and internal formers, small items. Specification Wingspan ca. 2.500mm Length ca. 1.150 mm Wing area ca. 45,5 dm² Weigth w/ 8 SubC ca. 1.750 g Suitable drives: Motor prop 15 m/sec; 8 cells RPM P(out) 2-blade 3-blade actro C6 10x8" 10x6" 25 A (36 A/Stand) 8.500 175 W actro CL5 10x8" 24 A (36 A/Stand) 7.600 175 W actro CL4 10x7" 10x5" 28 A (38 A/Stand) 9.200 200 W 2-blade 3-blade Conditions Power 1.0 1.5 at same rotational speed Speed 1.0 0.877 at same power Diameter 1.0 0.91 for same power and rotational speed Spare parts: GRP-fuselage Order no. 1318/02 Canopy Order no. 1318/04 Wing set Order no. 1318/05