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RPM70765 Assoc. GT2 Front A-arms - Blue

Assoc. GT2 (T4 / SC10 SC10GT) Front A-arms - Blue

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Although designed for the Associated GT2 gas truck, these a-arms are a perfect fit for the Associate SC10 2wd, SC10GT and T4. RPM SC10 2wd / SC10GT / T4 / GT2 A-arms were designed to solve several customer-related complaints about the stock A-arms. Foremost is durability. Our SC10 2wd / SC10GT / T4 / GT2 front A-arms are designed to withstand some serious abuse! We’ve redesigned the entire front end, replacing the stock front bulkhead with a version that helps spread impact forces over a larger area at the inner hinge pin mounts. RPM front A-arms are wider at the inner hinge pin mounts by nearly 3/16” without altering suspension geometry.

We also focused on the hinge pin retaining system used on the stock A-arms. Using a small screw hole so close to the hinge pin like the stock arms weakens them at that point. We moved the hinge pin retaining screws in-line with the hinge pins, significantly strengthening our A-arms in the process. By eliminating the smaller 2-56 hinge pin retaining screws, we’ve also eliminated the problem of the hinge pins falling out due to varying screw head diameters, which seems to be a rather large problem.

Our final focus was on slop elimination. Our strict quality control allows us to tighten up all of our tolerances without fear of binding the suspension system. The final result – smooth, free moving suspension with minimal slop. Our tighter tolerances on our A-arms allows other critical adjustments such as camber and toe angles to be much more consistent, which provides better and more consistent control of the SC10 2wd / SC10GT / T4 / GT2.

RPM A-arms come with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions. RPM SC10 2wd / / SC10GT / T4 / GT2 front A-arms are sold in pairs and include a new front bulkhead in the package.

Tech Notes: RPM Front A-arms can be used on the Associated SC10 2wd, SC10GT & T4 although the outer front SC10 2wd / T4 hinge pins will need to be replaced with the outer front hinge pins from the GT2 (ASS7927). Additionally, the upright spacers used on the SC10 2wd / T4 will no longer be needed.
RPM Front A-arms require the use of the bulkhead supplied in the RPM front A-arm kit. Stock bulkheads will not work with RPM A-arms.