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TATES2452 Cool power oil (purple) "please call to check avai

Cool power oil (purple) "please call to check avai

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GENUINE PURPLE MV COOL POWER 100% SYNHETIC OIL 3.7 LITRES Cool Power is the "Original" complete Synthetic Fuel Blend. Used by more modelers around the world than any other synthetic fuel. Morgan Fuel is the leader in fuel innovation with Extreme Pressure, Anti-Foam and CP-07 additives and the use of High Viscosity, Lower Viscosity & Multi-Viscosity Lubricants which have revolutionized model engine fuel. The formula that is still the benchmark for the industry is blended for excellent idle, acceleration and top end. Cool Power improves power and performance with a dramatic decrease in friction. This is a direct result of our unique additive package. Cool Power contains only the best Methanol and Nitro to improve throttle response and deliver maximum power. Clean burning prevents plug fouling for dependable starts and also prevents "load-up" during prolonged idle. All Morgan Fuels are engineered for high RPM`s and severe operating conditions, to give your engine optimal performance no matter where and what you fly! Lubricant Glossary NHigh Thermal Stability NDetergents NCleanCastor? NRust Inhibitor NFilm Strength Additives NCP-07 Polar Compound NHigh Viscosity NExtreme Pressure Additives