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Freya evo op ssz-5

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FREYA, Nordic Goddess of love and beauty, was the most beautiful woman in the pantheon,
the paragon of beautyHer beauty was exemplified with a Brisingamen necklace of gold . . .

In the FREYA series, which has continually full-filled pilots` RC heli requirements, HIROBO has
focused on three typical models. Hirobo has gone beyond that idea and also introduced limited
production FREYA kit variations that combine various engines and Hirobo genuine optional parts
for optimum results. The FREYA is for every pilot` s requirements, not only for those
challenging top class competitions for the first time, but also for pilots at the top
competition level.
World Champion Performance Now in Our STANDARD Model!
The Evo 90 benefits from Hirobo?s latest Eagle 3 WC world championship win because many of the
Eagle 3 WC design concepts are incorporated in this beautifully advanced standard model. New
items abound: a new Rotor Head that looks like the widely accepted Sceadu Evo, but uses WC3
control ratios and is built for .90 size power and aggressive new 3D maneuvers; a new 3D honed
rotor head dampening system; larger main rotor thrust bearings; massive 600CC fuel tank with
new WC3 tank mounts; dual ball bearing supported pinion gear; new stronger autorotation
bearing; new WC3 design molded fore/aft (elevator) zero interaction control system; new
stronger front mechanical tray; new design stronger boom strut terminals; new classy, high
visibility decal scheme, and many other improvements gathered from pilot feedback since the
initial Freya release. And if that isn?t enough, Hirobo has also upped the ante by producing
this very special US version that includes a metal EX radius block, Teflon rudder control rod
sleeves, an 8:45:1 engine gear ratio, and an aluminum 3rd bearing block for the main shaft,
all as standard equipment.

FFZ-3 ROTOR HEAD SPECS: ? 8mm spindle
? 8mm thrust bearing
? 5mm drag bolt ? New design damper rubber for 3D ? Up to 710mm main blade and 95 mm tail blade combination can be used. ? Third bearing block for main shaft and bearing equipped ? Auto rotation one way BRG : New design BRG for increased longevity and strength ? Still easy to maintain and inspect.

Length : 1,375mm
Width : 245mm
Main Rotor Span : 1,533mm
Tail Rotor Span : 270mm
Overall Weight : 4,900g
Gear Ratio : 10T 9.5:1:5 / 11T 8.63:1:5 / 12T 7.93:1:5