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0412-931 Hirobo 30 lama sa-315b white

Hirobo 30 lama sa-315b white

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HIROBO`s Scale Helicopter Series strives to reproduce the original aircraft as accurately as possible.
In this 30 class series, best selling models such as the Lama, Jet Ranger and the very unique model the Vertol make up this popular scale class.
Enthusiasm for the model helicopter hobby comes from admiration of real helicopters.
Many "real" looking models are available in this affordable 30 class series.

S-30 Frame is developed to provide specific features necessary for scale helicopters. For example, a shaft driven tail drive gives efficient power tranfer to the tail system even in a limited amount space sometimes found in scale helicopters. Hirobo`s HPM control system is used to provide super smooth and stable maneuvering.

The model with S-30 Frames are...

-Iroquois UH-1B


Length: 1,190mm

Weight: 3,600g

Main Rotor: 1,244mm

Engine: 32~36 class (46 Conversion Available)

Radio: 5ch5 Servo

One of HIROBO`s most popular 30 class helicopter is renewed.

The new Lama has cockpit and exterior set as standard equipment.
Now, standard rotor head (Not MRB-III rotor head) has 4mm drug bolt, and SE2 clutch shoe is also a standard equipment.
Reinforced engineering plastic parts are used for side cover, tail truss, etc for more strength.

? Main rotor diameter: 1,244mm

? Fuselage length: 1,199mm

? Weight: 3,600g

? Engine: 32-36-46 engine can be used with option parts

? 0402-378 S-30 Mount for 46 engine

? 46 size muffler for OS46 FX-H

? 0412-122 SD fly wheel for 50