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The WTR-7 is to be used as a wireless trainer unit instead of the conventional wired trainer cable. Dimensions / Weight : 22.5x40.3x13.1mm / 8.1g

TX Antenna Top 14MZ

TX Antenna T4PK

TX Antenna T4L 6V

TX Antenna T12FG

TX Antenna 8SG/3UCP/5U/7U/8U/9C/9Z/10C

TX Antenna 4PK , 4PKS, T4PKSR (Short)

TX Antenna 3PK Black

TX Antenna 3PJ Black

TX Antenna 3PDF

TX Antenna 2PL

TX Antenna 2CR/2DR/2ER/2PC/2PHKA

TX Antenna 2CH/2PD,PB/2VR/3PB/3PM/4NB/4V/6X/6EX/7C

Key Features Lets you link with your JR radio with almost any Futaba or JR radio for training purposes Extra-long 7-foot cord Can also be used as a...

Trainer Cord T12FG

Trainer Cord M-M T9C SQ to SQ Plug (BB1025)

Trainer Cord FF7/5 Din to Din Plug

Trainer Cord D-M T9C Din to SQ Plug

Toggle Switch Top 3TFL101G (3-Pos Momentary long)

Toggle Switch Top 3TFL101F (2-Pos Momentary Long)

Toggle Switch Top 3TFL101DE (3-Pos Toggle Long)

Toggle Switch Top 3TFL101D (2-Pos Toggle Long)

Toggle Switch Top 3TF101F (2Pos Momentary Short)

Toggle Switch Top 3TF101E (3-Pos Toggle Short)

Toggle Switch Top 3TF101D (2-Pos Toggle. Short)

Toggle Switch Top 3-Pos Toggle momentary

Toggle Switch Top 3-Pos Momentary Reverse

Toggle sw dw-1ffsp (3 pos. short) 9c

Toggle SW DW-1FFLP (2 pos. Long (Moment)) 9C

Toggle sw dw-1efsp (2 pos. short) 9c

Toggle SW DW-1DFSP (2 pos.Short (Moment))9C

Toggle sw dw-1dflp (2 pos. long) 9c

Toggle SW DW-1CFSP (2 pos.Short (Moment))

Toggle sw dw-1cflp 2 pos. long momentary

Toggle sw dw-1bfsp (3 pos. short)

Toggle sw dw-1bflp (3 pos. long)

Toggle SW DW-1AFSP (2-pos,Short)

Toggle SW DW-1AFLP (2 pos. Long) 9Z

T6J Gimbal Swing Arm ST-53