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0403-951 Sdx 50 hpm kit

Sdx 50 hpm kit

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This is the new 50 size 3D helicopter newely released from Hirobo.

Beginners if you are looking for the ideal beginner nitro machine this is our model of choice
If you are looking Extreme hardcore 50 size 3D machine, this is what you need.

It is flown by many world`s famous 3D pilots such as Dominik Heagele from Germany,
James Dargue from Australia and Sawamura from Japan.

* New Design of 90 degree` HPM Swashplate.

Inner swashplate bearing diameter is increased from 20mm to 25mm. Compared with previous parts, new design allows approx 60% more aileron/elevator movement possibles. There is no more interation with hardcore 3D maneuvers. This swashplate accepts 120` and 135` SWM linkage for all Hirobo 50 / 90 size models.
This model can also be converted to electric with Hirobos simple conversion.

* 5mm Tail Housing

Turbulence tail housing and tail blade holder used.

* Main Frame

Rib added and bottom thickness increased for more strength.

* Main Frame with option sub tank

Holes added to main frame to mount sub tank. Sub tank is option, not included in kits.

* Low Height Landing Skid

New design lightweight 1 piece skid.

* HPM Linkage

New design plastic aileron lever, elevator lever and lever stays used.

* HPM Mechanical Servo Mount

SDX features

HPM or 90 degree Swashplate Technology to cater for different even basic radio types.

FZ-V Rotor Head Based on Turbulence D3 its bigger hardcore sister model!

8mm Spindle Shaft

10mm Main Shaft

Turbulence D3 Tail Rotor Hub

30 degrees Pitch Throw

10 degrees Cyclic Throw

This model is designed in Japan, made in Japan, with Japanese quality as usual, just like any other Hirobo helicopters making World Championship winning model helicopters since 1978.